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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
There is nothing wrong with tossing out a number if you are a serious inquiry, which that guy might of been before he got run off.
I think this is probably where we may disagree. I don't think saying 45k for a 09 M3 coupe that is spec'ed out as per the seller's description is a serious inquiry. That is sort of my point on the lowballer mentality. If its normal that a 09 M3 Coupe, fully loaded and low mileage can come at 45k, then thats fine. But I don't think that is EVEN a realistic buying number for a private sell. Hence it throws out any pretense that the buyer was serious.

Again, if you can get above 45k for that car at a dealer, why would someone sell to a private buyer for under that? Its just not realistic. I asked on this thread if someone can prove me wrong here and actually show a case where they brought a 09 M3 Coupe, fully loaded, low mileage at such a price. Until someone shows me otherwise, I think the point is made that 45k is just unrealistic and not a true buying price for a private sell.

As for the argument that you and others make that its part of the negotiating process, I say bullocks. A true negotiation comes when two parties want to a) sell/buy an item and b) can reach a range of a price that leads to the settlement of a final price. But when one party shows no true honestly nor even remotely close to a range, then there is no framework for a negotiation. And it goes back to my point, the guy was 'lowballing' AND not making a low offer. Big difference.

Just to keep on going here, I have sold many cars in my lifetime to private sells including a 335 coupe earlier this year. And I have brought/sold many homes as well. From my experience, anytime you have a sell, you work with a bid from a buyer. Part of that is you look at what the market bears (from both sides). So again, if you look at this case, where is the market for a 09 M3 coupe, loaded, low miles? From a private sell outlook, does it come at 45k? I think not, not by a long shot. You may say yes on auction, but guess what, this is not a auction sell. So if a buyer is serious, they should understand the delta on what is out there and when you come in at 45k - which by the way is almost 30% off what the seller's price is (58k)- its beyond realistic. And hence when I say its a problem that I call the "lowballer mentality", which to be honest is sooo prevalent on this forum and other BMW forums in general. I've been to other brand forums but for some reason, a 'lowball-them' mentality really sticks here, and from what I've seen on the marketplace, there is no realistic basis for it. NOTE: To prove my point, just did a search in a 300 miles radius from my location and the lowest 09 M3 coupe on the market, again private sell, was 57k. Zip I used was: 07652

Now again, if you guys disagree and think that 45k is a even remotely reasonable price for the car that we are talking about, please show me or tell me of a car that was brought at that price. Proof is in the pudding gents/ladies.