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I think this deems the X6-M useless. This is a 4 seater with a decent trunk and 4WD. We all know the ground clearance of the X6-M doesn't give it an advantage anywhere. No BMW road cars should be off the road, especially with those low profile tires and 20 inch wheels. Where the Panamera shines is in its package. It is basically the same price as the X6-M, but has MUCH less power yet performs similarly if not better in most of the tests. Sure, call it ugly, just like you guys call the GT-R ugly(At least I don't think it is lol). But this thing hauls ass even without twin turbos. The Panamera Turbo will be a beast. Now I'm not saying I don't like the X6-M, I would love one. But it seems as if Porsche came out with a sensible option.I believe this is basically what the X6-M would be if it were a car.