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Everything is a personal opinion and not fact when it comes to looks. I don't think the X6 is the best looking SUV but it's neither the worst, the Panamera isn't the worst looking luxury car but it neither the prettiest. There is part of the Panamera that looks great and others not so much which I believe that's how most people see it.

It is one of the best handling luxury cars made, it's also one of the quickest and definitely is one of the most expensive and probably one of the best made if the rest of their products are anything to go by, these are all facts but the looks isn't a fact it's simply an opinion and everyone shouldn't get so up tight about his comments.

I noticed shift@red made a comment on the 5series GT, I just for the laugh configed one of the BMW UK wedsite to the same spec as my XF, though it was only the 530d and not the same 535d that would have been the equivalent. Anyway my Jaguar came out at 45K were as the 530d GT totalled a huge 54K, 9K more expensive was even a shock to me.