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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
nope, 7 series and x6 are bad from every angle, worst looking cars prob in car history. porsche only looks questionable from the rear, but everyone who has seen them in person says they are great looking.
I think you're on crack. Or you simply lack the ability to include the term 'imo'.

I think the 7 series is an excellent design in terms of being elegant, understated, yet powerful.

I don't know anyone who thinks the Cayenne is "great looking but questionable from the rear". Nobody gives a shit about it, because the looks aren't out there nor are they ugly. It's just an angry looking fucker that can go fast. There's nothing polarizing about it.

Everyone I know thinks the X6 looks futuristic and unique. I think it's the best looking SUV on the market, but that's just me.
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