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I got on AD08s today. Observations:

It's been raining here for the past 2 days. On my way to get the tires mounted I could feel the PS2s getting a little disconnected from the road. Not quite hydroplaning but not feeling firmly planted, either.

After switching to the AD08s I drove back home on the same roads. The AD08s felt much more planted. My PS2s were not that worn, so it wasn't because they were bald. The AD08s just work better in the wet.

The AD08s are sticky. When they were rolled across the parking lot and into the shop they were picking up pebbles, wood chips, pieces of paper, and small children like crazy.

The AD08s are wider and more square than equivalently sized PS2s. I went with OEM size in front (245/35-19) yet the AD08 is noticeably wider.

It's only been a day but right now I'd rate the AD08s very highly, I'm thrilled with them. especially for the price, IMO they're a bargain for what you get.