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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
This thread was not about a "low-balling mentality" on this or any other forum. It was about how one responds when they place ad to sell a car, and someone offers them less than what they thought was fair.
I didn't know there was a thesis to follow on this thread. I was just giving an opinion.

Originally Posted by foosh View Post
It is a "no-brainer" to say that nothing is gained by insulting the low-baller, other than perhaps stroking a too-fragile ego. What's wrong with just saying, "no, that is not close to what I would accept," and making a counter-offer (or not).
I agree with you here. But everyone responds in different ways and the OP decided to respond in his way. You nor I may agree with it, but I have to admit that I found it a bit amusing in his response and posting of the email correspondence.