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Originally Posted by emthree4me View Post
Im glad someone sees my point of view.. totally premature

in fact my lightheartness response was return with a direct insult
he fire the first direct shot with the word Jerk!

I sense too that this forum is also visited by private dealers or salesmen in the field.. to rattle the cage a bit to seize opportunities on vulnerable sellers

buying and selling cars is a mind game at times
I'm sort of with the seller here. Hey, we all want to make a deal but lowballers sux. Or more precisely the thinking of lowballers are off. Lowballing is fine, especially with an OBO on a seller's listing...BUT lets try to be logically here. If a lowball price is below what a dealer may offer as a trade or buy (and lets be honest, a dealer would be offering more then 45k for that car) why the heck would a seller sell you the car? Its pretty stupid to consider a seller doing so.

And again lowballers want to quote manheim prices and auctions prices, this and that but you know what? A private sell isn't a auction. If all lowballers can get the auction prices I hear quoted on these threads all the time, why the heck would they buy a private seller's car? Why don't they just buy those cars at auction for those ridiculous lowball prices?

But I can be wrong? Anyone brought a 09 M3 coupe for 45k here? Tell me.