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Originally Posted by ACZakka325i View Post
You people call yourselves American?

I can't wait for the opportunity to buy a second car (likely SUV) and it will almost certainly be American. I'd rather keep the dollars in the country. And that something you younger people don't know anything about. That its a strong American economy that provides you with opportunities to buy nice things (be it import or domestic).

You don't have to drive an American car, but for fucks sake, cheer them on.
You can still buy any of the german SUVs except the X3. Made in the good ol US of A... along with the new Z4(?), a lot of Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas... no need to buy an 'merican ESSYOUVEE. They may be good to serve as a surrogate living room, but nothing that will kindle a true drivers blood. The X5 on the other hand = Big Phat Grin, and please refrain from throwing the 'the parts are still foreign'. Not really. A lot of the stuff is locally made.
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