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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
are you kidding? the x6m is barely faster and yet has 150 more hp and its the worst looking car since the pontiac aztec...the panamera turbo 500 hp runs a high 11/low 12 IIRC, and no x5m or x6m is going to touch it. x5m and x6m cant touch even the panamera 4s in the handling and grip dept's. the 4s has grip and handling level the m5 cant even touch, not even the m3 sedan can match them.
They even said the panamera is the best 4 door sedan...and its not even the top of the line model.
And the quality and fit and finish is FAR and beyond any bmw.
Panamera Turbo just brings everything up another notch or two.
you must hate bmw too much. how the x6m is ugly as the aztec and the failnamera is good looking? failnamera is the ugliest/most hideous porsche ever...wait, ugliest luxury sedan ever made.