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It does make me well up a bit, but you can't keep good car makers (and consumer demand for outrageous product) down.

Sadly, it will be some time before we see the car that tops the Mac F1, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT, etc. but it will happen. After the muscle car era ended people talked about the end of the performance car, it took some time but look at where we are today. Our generation will revere the great cars that were developed during the "Super Car" era, just as our fathers had reverence for that great cars of the "Muscle Car" era, and the "Sports Car" era, and just as their fathers revered the great cars that we consider antiques, Dusenbergs, Cadillac V-16, MB 540Ks.

Every generation of car enthusiasts has a type of car that defines them, to us the "Super Cars" will be the best cars ever, but something "better" will come along...we will all just be old by then and say that "it" isn't as good as the cars in "our day"