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My take:
I see both sides here, but I'm going to have to agree with your freind . Now ive been in loads of cars anything from fast mustangs to Ferrari's ,Lamborghini's, etc . You name it I've been in it. And the truth is as far as performance goes. The Corvette does continue to be a really good bang for your buck car. And quite frankly Ive been in both a Gallardo and Z06 and to say the least the Z06 would cream it.. Now obviously when your paying about 200 grand more for a car there should be things that set it apart from a MEASLY 50 thousand dollar corvette. Well once you step inside of a Ferrari , it does come apparent that the interiors are nicer , better materials etc. But the truth is not everyone can afford a Ferrari so , if you want a car that goes just as fast and does everything just about equal if not better , then go for a Corvette. As far as maintenance goes , and reliability. Your friends right. It does cost a pretty penny to service a Ferrari vs a corvette lets be real here. Also take into account that maybe the reason your freind doesnt want to consider other cars is because hes found something hes happy with and in his eyes its the best thing he can afford for the money hes willing to spend. Id agree with him there too