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What's your take on this... ???

I was in a debate with a friend of mine about cars in general and being an enthusiast. I have driven many different cars and in my experience there have been times I swore I'd love a particular one and vice versa, after actually driving it however my opinion completely changed.

My friend is a Corvette fanboi, he swears by them. He raves there is no better combination of everything in one package and he rarely even considers buying another car. I told him he is missing out.

He has a ton of misconceptions about many areas regarding cars:

-He feels that the only benefit/reason for all wheel drive is poor weather such as rain and snow...

*My take: I feel that it is about more than just poor weather, each car is unique in its own right and it is not as simple as being AWD, RWD or FWD that makes it what it is but how each attribute of a certain car compliments one another. A particular car may not be AS fast, or be better at a certain something if anything to be significantly more satisfying, it is about more than just performance numbers, it is about how it FEELS, its feedback etc. I've driven cars that are not the best at this or that however a certain something or combination of makes it a memorable vehicle.

-He swears he will never drive or consider buying cars like Porsches, M3's, S4's... anything german especially. He says it is because they are extremely unreliable and expensive to maintain or repair

*My take: He does have a reasonable concern, but I feel he has blown it out of context and is ignorant to dismiss so many great vehicles because of this misconception. While some cars are ridiculously unreliable and finicky there are others that are a bit more expensive to maintain but offer something special to justify it. I feel repair and maintenance costs can be reduced drastically if you change how you go about it, finding and independent shop, doing small things your self, buying certain parts and not others instead of getting sucked into stealership ways.

-He swears that a C5 Corvette or C5Z will always get 19mpg city and 26 mpg highway regardless of how you drive it or what is done to it... He sees this as a huge selling point to the Corvette and one big reason why it is so great.

*My take: While I can agree in stock form the C5 and even C6 will get solid MPG in the city and the highway I assured him he would see a significant drop if he drove it like a person should drive a Corvette in stock form, and especially with modification. Just because a car achieves solid fuel efficiency when driven normally it will suffer severely with a heavy foot stock or modified C5 or not.
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