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Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
+1....Dude, I have had that point since the beginning. I think the car looks nice from the front and the side but the back could have been better. I think POrsche wanted the practicality instead of the better design as it shows with a huge cargo space at the back. Not bad at all
The car only looks awkward because Porsche insists on making every new model it produces in the image of the 911. That may well work for the front but else where it doesn't, the side still isn't that great but it's isn't nearly as bad as the rear. And looking at the Bugatti saloon it appears the same guy that penned the Panamera did it too.

Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
Obviously I did(I posted it so)

I hope the PDK gets smoother in normal driving as the editor's are pointing out that it isn't.
I dont think it can be as smooth as a normal automatic gearbox with a torque convertor but it will come damn close. Maybe that's why BMW, Merc AUdi, etc aren't going with a similar setup as a PDK and instead opting for a conventional 8 Speed auto.
I haven't driven the Panamera so can't comment of it's PDK but I have tried it in other Porsche cars and I can honestly say that it's the best DCT currently made, it shift as smooth as the M-DCT which I reckon is pretty close to a proper auto. The only area where all of them fall down a little to an proper auto is in start/stop traffic, they can't slur the clutch the same as a torque converter but it's remarkably close and miles better than SMG in all their forms could ever hope to be.