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Crazy finish, but amazing racing.

The stewards made the right call, if they would have pulled the win from Bergmeister they should have also penalized Magnussen for using the RSR as a braking berm at the hairpin. I have no doubt it was a deliberate cheap shot by Magnussen, clearly frustrated having to finish behind slower car.

These guys have so much car control and it wasn't a kiss, Magnussen practically punted the Porsche, not a <shrug> "racing incident".

Having said that I bet Bergmeister is none to pleased with himself after seeing Magnussen head-on the wall like he did, racers race but mutual respect keeps them from putting each other in undue jeopardy, and Magnussen could very well have been injured.

Red mist ruled the last laps and we got some brilliant, but questionable racing, which is the best kind some say.

Unfortunately, my client's team, the Risi F430, got taken out by the damn Jag, which appeared to be looking for a winery and instead stumbled into a car race.

2010 is going to be awesome.