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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
I don't care what anybody says, I think it looks sharp. The rear is only slightly, slightly awkward, but I don't care.

Not a fan of the interior all that much, but the performance sounds awesome.
+1....Dude, I have had that point since the beginning. I think the car looks nice from the front and the side but the back could have been better. I think POrsche wanted the practicality instead of the better design as it shows with a huge cargo space at the back. Not bad at all

Originally Posted by BForbes View Post
Did anybody actually read this article? It's easy to read the specs and just look at the pics. The way they describe the dynamics of this car makes me really want to test drive one.
Obviously I did(I posted it so)

I hope the PDK gets smoother in normal driving as the editor's are pointing out that it isn't.
I dont think it can be as smooth as a normal automatic gearbox with a torque convertor but it will come damn close. Maybe that's why BMW, Merc AUdi, etc aren't going with a similar setup as a PDK and instead opting for a conventional 8 Speed auto.

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Thanks for the link....Porsche turbo is
11 corvette C6