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Originally Posted by Grey Space View Post
Oh come on! All-season tires are the ultimate compromise tire - they are supposed to provide decent performance in all conditions. Of course they won't work as well in the cold as a dedicated winter tire! No one ever said they would, not even me. The post I responded to lumped them in with summer tires as far as cold-weather performance, which is clearly incorrect.

All-season tires work in near-freezing conditions. Summer tires do not. My answer was correct. It's unclear to me what you think you are trying to prove.
Not trying to prove anything, no need to be so testy....

All-seasons do not work as well as winters in temps below about 40F. They do work much better than summer tires, agreed. All-seasons are really three-seasons, unless your winters are very mild (warm) with little to no snow/ice. Them's the facts, like it or not.
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