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Originally Posted by soontobe View Post
Great topic, I am also very curious about this. I currently drive an Evo, but would love to have an E46 M3 sometime down the line. I have been told that the M3 is so expensive to maintain and not worth the hassle...

Anybody else have any input on this topic I know I would appreciate it and I'm sure the op would too.

I'm only 23 years old so if I ever get one it will be high mileage of course so that's my concern...

I'll chime in although can't give you a direct answer but its all kind of relative.

Mile for mile the porsche I had I got for a great price but I knew it has issues but naturally was expesive the first year I had it to resolve the issues. So the money I spent to get it up and running I got all back when I sold it. But Anytime it would not run and it was less than $1,000 was a good day!

I had a mercedes s class I bought used with only 33k on it but out of warranty and owned it for 7 years. With no payments it was well worth the price to keep up and running. I think if you Flip cars its expensive but once you own it outright the up keep is high, but the cars are good performers and hold value. If you need the latest and greatest (and a part of me does) then long term ownership is not a good idea.

My plan would be to put about 10g down, and pay off 20 on line of credit over 3-4 years. Having some warranty would be nice.

If I lease I am laying out 6 grand a year, so in a way once Im paid up on the car as long as I am under that amount for repairs and maintainence then I should be good. I think a car like this is more fun to own than a e92 328. I don't care about "being different" as many owners are and don't care to modify. In fact, I like the stock look and prefer a quiet color as not to draw attention.

Im in my 40's now and yeah things kind of change over time. Lots of dudes like to broadcast a message with their wheels as its the "american way" but I found I really enjoyed taking care of my older mercedes when I had not been distracted by shopping for new wheels every three years (it becomes a 12 month obscession and a part of me really likes it!!!).

So to me an M3 I doubt would break my bank once I have retired any note on it. It seems there are much after market electonics to keep it modern thru BSW and looking original.

Light Silver or grey with cinnimon interior would be great!