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E46 as a daily driver

Lease on my 07' E60 530i MT is up in a few months and the buy out is 32k.

Great car, Montego Blue and formally garaged at work and at home. Moved and now the car is outdoors day and nite. New house is on a lake with a walk out basement giving me a ton more room for workshop and storage but no room for the car. Sold my 74' targa 911 to simplify life but miss driving her! The house is great so I am not crying too bad! Old cars can be a pain in the ass also!

So Im thinking I can can get a very nice M3, either 05 or 06' for the same or less with about the same miles (under 40k).

Also, moving I am now driving much less. While lease works for me very well I think buying a used car in this market makes more sense as lease rates are not very good anymore and Im thinking of keeping the next car longer.

The M3 for me would be a conservative color and bone stock. This car has so much capacity as it is and what ever ride comfort it has I want to maintain.

I have test driven a few and think its a compromise to for me to blend performance and comfort from my Porsche and 530i.

The question I ask is That I see so many garage queens which is good, but wonder why so many don't use them as daily drivers. I think I prefer the MT over SMG (my wife has to drive it on occasion) as nothing but personal preferance. The SMG is much better than I thought and is quite fun! Even With MT They are not "bullet" proof and I understand not "honda" like in repair and to maintain, but are these cars are made to be driven daily or not??

I am considering a e92 for european delivers in the 328i form. I do not want a turbo car under any circumstances! I think I actually prefer the e46 body and interior. The build quality on the M3 from an appearence perspective appears fantastic.

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