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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
I won't disagree on any point (and they're well made), but as a practical matter it's immaterial. Those who are lulled by ease of takeoff (like me in '87) are going to drive too quickly for conditions - plus the primary point of my note was and is that snow tires are your consistent friend in snow, while AWD drives inconsistently (dry road vs snow) compared with RWD or FWD.

If you're knowledgable and trained, point made - but then you're probably not going overdrive your car in snow, are you.
Quite right, that is why I tried to highlight the importance of training because without it an AWD car like you said can become a death trap because it gives false impressions of what the surface is exactly like. I will say this too, an awd system that constantly drives both axles instead of reacting to slip is by far and the best option in snow.

Given the choice of 2WD forms I would pick FWD before RWD because most of the weight is over the driven axle, so you have better engine braking and better overall grip for these conditions.

Lesson over for today.