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Originally Posted by graider View Post
I'm sure many people buy a car based on look as it is the most important part of the purchase decision (otherwise, we would all be driving some rav4 or crv right now).
Actually I'll bet that most enthusiasts are primarly concerned with performance. I know I am. Luckily most cars that perform well also look good. There are plenty of exceptions of course, but when form follows function, and function is "to be an exciting means of transportation", then usually the form is quite pleasing. Probably this is partly because we are somewhat trained to judge the beauty of a car by how it performs (or appears like it should perform). For someone looking for a vehicle with some utility and fairly good fuel economy, the RAV4 or CRV may well be beautiful. It's just that those traits just happen not to be valued by most car enthusiats.

Still, I would not call anyone a fanboy just for prefering an SUV over a sport sedan. However, it is certainly a curious leap to take. I don't think the OP has any interest in an SUV but I could be mistaken.

Also, it is a bit curious that you mentioned liking a lot of different SUVs:

"fx and x6 are best looking SUV in my book. merc g55 amg are sick, and cayenne is not too bad especially the turbo is aggresive looking. I'm not attracted to any other SUV."

But left out the Audi Q7 which to me is worlds better looking than the Cayenne with which it shares a platform. The Q7 V12 Diesel would make a compelling alternative to the Porsche Turbo, I'll bet.
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