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Originally Posted by FruitCake View Post
do you have any specific questions on these tires?
I'll try to answer them because I've gone through many sets of tires and not to bust on EAS's balls cuz they are one of the best sponsors, if not THE best in the BMW community, but pictures to show how good a tire is, is pretty useless.

If anyone tells you Advans does this yada yada better than this competing tire, its only a sales pitch, nothing more. If you look at any statistics and figures of these tires, the advantages of 1 tire over the other are so miniscule that 99% of this forum, without looking couldn't tell them apart. Of course, these are an upgrade from PS2s and other "Ultra High Performance Summers" because these are "Max Performance Summers", you will notice a difference. But between similar tires, if someone told u they can tell the difference between a RE-11 and AD08, they're talking out of their ass unless they have had EXTENSIVE track time with them and is a professional driver.

The reason I got them is because I choose AD08 over the RE-11s is because I got a good deal on them and they are asymmetrical so I can rotate left/right due to track/camber wear. I choose these over Michelin PS2/Goodyear Asymmetries is because I live in Cali and there is hardly any rain, wet performance was not of a concern and would have gone even more towards race tires ie. Yokohama A048 but the tread wear is ridiculous for a daily driven car. I felt that the AD08 was perfect blend between daily driving and ultimate dry grip without breaking the bank.

If u have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks for the great info. I'm looking for an improvement over the oem ps2's. But we get plenty of rain up here in the northeast, so I need a well rounded dry/wet tire. Obviously one tire can't do it all.

Also I daily my M3.