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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Did you increase the RPM limiter with the ECU tune? If yes, that's a smoking gun for bent valves. There appears to be very little margin on the valve springs in this motor. There's now starting to appear quite a few stories of bent valves and broken valve springs with over-revved motors.
I have a DCT and I am ABSOLUTELY sure there was no increase done to the RPM limiter. In fact, it doesnt make sense to since the stock motor have a big dip after 8k RPM. And i knew it wasn't a good idea too since the valve springs on this engine dont seem to be good enough to run above the limiter. So for sure, there is nothing done to the limiter.

I have a feeling that is what BMW will say to bent valves and valve springs as all the posts by some of those with these problems are told the same thing. I know I have hit the limiter a few times at 8,250 rpm but I dont hold it there for sure. I immediately shift. I had this problem with the old software where there was lag in the time you shift and the time the ECU shifts the gears. I dont see how a DCT can overrev either. Unlike conventional manual trannies, the dct has a prevention for over-rev.

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