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Warranty Void!!!

There is no news like bad news.


If you are tuning your ECUs, better be careful. I had a ticking noise after a track session and it was related to a bent exhaust valve. I sent it in to my dealer and they told me its normal and subsequently, sent me a letter like this below.

I am beginning to see quite a few engines with this problems with bent exhaust valves even on stock standard cars. Which makes me think at all if there is really a problem with these engines. A few experienced mechanics here have preliminarily told me that the exhaust valves may have been too hot and there is not much clearance between the pistons and the valves. I have a ticking sound now and I am waiting to get it fixed here. I am not sure what is wrong until I strip the engine and find out whats the problem.

I find it funny that both my engine and drive train warranty has been void. Initially my dealer put in the wrong oil for my DCT gearbox and extended 6 months warranty on it. Now they are voiding that as well in attempt to save cost on replacing it if it kabooms. Must be a great opportunity to void things they can while they can. Untill now, there is no proof that the ticking sound in the engine is due to the tune and why the drivetrain warranty was also voided and how that is related to the tune as well. I ahve no problems whatsoever with my drivetrain so I am quite stumped actually.

I was surfing through these forums so far and found out that this guy looks to have 100% the same problem as I have.

Anyway I think you guys should be careful nonetheless. I dont think BMW is looking at cars with engine problems with fixing or replacing it in mind even if there is a problem with tuned or stock standard cars. At least for me that was the case. I will just fix the engine on my own cost since it was tuned in order to reduce the sensitivity of the O2 sensors for the Akrapovic Exhaust and some power. Not crazy stuff.

I am interested to know those on stock cars who have this problem.

Another service by a loyal M3poster.

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