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*****HELP!!!!! Calling All Wheel Experts and Specialists! HELP!!!!!*****

I'm interested in putting a set of Beyern Mesh wheels (black with silver lip) on my AW 08 M3 coupe. I was told the stock offsets for 19" are 29 in the front and 23 in the rear.
Beyern makes offsets of 15, 25, 30 for their front and rear (19x8.5 and 19x9.5).
The stock setup is not flush with the fenders - therefore I wanted to do 15 offset for front and rear (which Beyern and also another tire company said would work without rubbing - have stock suspension with 255/35 in front and 285/35 in rear) to have rims/tires as flush as possible with fenders for front and rear.

However, 15 offset for rear has recently been indefinitely backorderd (euphemism for discontinued i believe).

So my questions are: if I were to run a 15 offset in the front only and 25 offset in the rear, would that look bad? Or should I stay as close to stock in this case since the 15 offset is not available in the rear rims and do a 30 offset in the front and 25 offset in the rear?
Which would look/work better?

Thanks for your help!