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Hi Sal

After watching other E92 M3s doing 13s+ at santa pod's track
it hard for me to see how they would achieve mid 12s unless
your at testing it elsewhere,

But saying that it also is down to driver skills as well ,and not the car.
Type of tyres,Fuel used,Weight and Temperature are big factors when measuring 1/4 mile.

But we are taking agian on another track and conducting
consecutive runs to see what 1/4 mile times we can achieve.
This will also allow us to test different software in measuring 1/4
times/speeds/temps/weight/wind etc...

Also The mods carried out on this vehicle may be similar to your mods you
may see everyday on your dyno.

I guarantee the Mapping side of things aint , After 2 years of developing
the perfect maps we are finally happy with it,Also after discovering
hidden performance gains in the DME which many really aint aware.
(Not saying you are one of them)

How is your G-power M3, Keen to see that one.

kind regards