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Originally Posted by dadC4s View Post
I had been planning on a new M3 to replace my Z4 M coupe when it comes off lease in March but today I drove the new S4. Its a very impressive car and was a hoot to drive. Very fast, very solid and the dual clutch tranny was sweet. The Quattro is a real advantage given all the rain and snow we see in the midwest. The car is more comfortable and practical and with every option (Voice activated Nav, Bang and Olufsen stereo, adjustable suspension and torque distributing rear diff, rear view camera, sunroof, etc etc) is just under 60K. It also gets 28mpg on the highway! Someone please tell me why I should spend 10k more for the M3, I am starting to waver....

I have a 2008 Audi A4 with APR tuning and it is clearly a better DD than the M3, BUT if you want to take your car to the track the M3 is way better. I did not drive the new S4 yet and it may be way better than my A4 still I think the M3 is, or can be a better track car. Telling the truth there are people on the track who cannot use a GT3 properly and I pass them with the M3, but there are people with VW GTI very fast too.
Anyway, no one on this or any other forum can or should decide for you so just go and drive both of them multiple times. That's what I did with the Audi TT-S and I went for the M3 at the end. If I could have only one car the 335xi or the S4 would be a better choice for me than the M3.