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Originally Posted by nostrum09 View Post
Not correct, in my opinion, though politicians have a way with words to make it seem as if they are doing one thing while doing another.

I believe that Obama has claimed that anyone making less than 250k would not see their taxes go up by one cent. But didn't the federal tax on cigarettes go up $0.62/pack in April, under Obama's watch? Anyone who now buys cigarettes is now paying more in taxes than they were before, regardless of how much they make.

And what if Obama allows the Bush-era tax cuts to expire? Would you still say then that taxes didn't go up under his watch?

And now Congress has tossed out the idea of a VAT.

Can the people still take Obama at his word that taxes won't go up, just because he hasn't actively increased the federal income tax rates?
it's okay because "sin" taxes never count regardless of political affiliation.