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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
No, I don't understand why anyone would make such a point. That's why I laughed the first time at the comparison. Most people at least make an attempt to compare OEM to OEM (both on UHP tires), which would then lead one to the obvious logical extension that the S4 will be better on snow tires than the M3 on snow tires.

And why would "most people with AWD not bother to get winter tires"? Could it be because AWD handles better on OEM tires in slippery conditions? That can only mean it also handles better on snow tires.

The point he was making is totally valid - the M3, with snow tires, is very capable in the snow. He was trying to compare it to an AWD with all seasons so the OP has a base of reference. He never said that the M3 is better with snows than the S4.