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Originally Posted by elmariachi View Post

I also have a bent exhaust valve and some "unhealthy cylinder" on my engine due to hard driving. My dealer voided my engine and drivetrain warranty because they said I have been "racing" the car too much. Pretty fucked up.

But I am also gonna get a brand new short block and install it. I understand the 2009 engines are much better in terms of main bearings and linings.

I think the 08 M3 engines dont seem to be as well made as the 2009 ones. The 2008 ones have Main Bearing issues as well which SnowsM3 and Knifegun's car had. Of course not all, but its still a cause of concern.
You "think?" It's irresponsible to make a statement like the above without supporting data. Two data points does not make a case, and one could likely find similar random data points on "09" S65s.

As for the OP . . . oh nevermind.