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Originally Posted by bcschwartz View Post
I hope Smurf is right on the quick turnaround times.

When I did some reading online about the VPC from those who have taken tours of them, it sounded like they are extremely picky about the quality of the cars they release. This is good from a quality control point of view, but may delay ED cars as it may be necessary to do paint work for chips, scratches, etc. that took place when we "borrowed" our cars in Europe.

Dare I admit that I'm so anxious to get my car I might be inclined to live with a small scratch or chip and consider it as a well deserved battle wound from testing out the ECU's speed governor while on the Autobahn?
I don't think they care about minor rock chips... but who knows. That means they'd have to repaint most of the cars they get that were actually driven (i.e. not the people who picked it up and drove it directly to the dropoff).

But anyway, I clear bra'd my car in the hotel parking lot so I don't have that issue.
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