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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
How often do you go? For all the hassle and expense of snow tires and a second set of rims you could just rent a car a few times over.
As I mentioned in the OP, I've rented a car a few times, but:
  1. It's a hassle: I have to get a ride to the car rental place during business hours (non-airport rental locations usually aren't open 24-7), and return it during business hours. It's rather tough and annoying to do w/ my job.
  2. My car rocks: No car that I can rent (usually an SUV to get AWD) is nearly as nice as my M3. When I get a rental, I have to drive 700 miles in a car that's not as fun or comfortable as my M3 and lacking bluetooth for my phone and music from my iPod. I don't get too many opportunities to do road trips w/ my M3, and I like to take whatever opportunities I can. I also have fold-down seats and a roof rack for my M3 so it can easily carry all of my equipment + 3 or 4 other people so a rental won't add any utility.
  3. The drive to Tahoe simply take longer: I don't feel nearly as safe driving at higher speeds (even in dry, open roads) in an SUV or typical sedan as I do in my car. I can't brake or do quick lane changes as well. (I find it amusing that people who criticize me for driving 80mph in my M3 will drive 70mph in their Chevy TrailBlazer, but that's a different thread.... )