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How to put E46 M3 2001-2006 in dyno mode

Hi Guys

Some have asked me to put up a post on how to put an E46 M3 into Dyno mode without specialists tools.
Manual or SMG and even 2004 onwards including CS and CSL.

so here we go.

As many are away the M3 will only rev to 6500rpm unless you put it into dyno mode.

1. Switch on ignition (position 2)
2. Hold down DSC Button for 8-10seconds but no more than 10 seconds.
3. Only DSC Light should come on not ABS or H/Brake light. If they come on you have done it incorrectly and you will have to wait 5mins for vehicle to reset, if it is built after 2004.

4. Press Sports button and start car.

5. You can run car now upto 7900rpm or more, if rev limiter has been increased.

I have put two videos together and if you listen carefully you can hear the car hitting rev limit before 7900rpm.
This is the first video.
The second video is when it is correctly put in dyno mode and it WILL rev all the way round to 7900rpm.

First Video

Second Video

I Hope this was useful.

kind regards