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Request for those running OEM 19s w/ PS2

I am curious what load ratings people have on their PS2s that came from the factory. I have front 93Y, rear 98Y which is an XL rating. When I was looking to buy a pair of rears on tirerack, I got a warning when I tried to check out with PS2s with those load ratings:

"The following tire you have selected has a higher load rating than the vehicle's Original Equipment (O.E.) tires. This typically results in increased ride harshness, which some customers may find undesirable."

I got the same comment from another local retailer as well. They make the PS2 in OEM sizes in 2 or 3 different ratings, but when you put in for OEM pairs on TR the 93F/98Y combo is what comes up (yet you still get that odd warning.)

Not a big deal really, just curious what others have on their car. Maybe BMW changed for the 09 model year? Please share what you have. Thanks.