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Originally Posted by TLud View Post
Kyle, close to $25,000 seems like a pretty good offer from what you've told us about your car. Probably the best way to raise that offer significantly would be to provide documentation of the aftermarket modifications you've made to the car and their costs. This would obviously be something you'd do yourself, not through your insurance company. Maybe if your insurance company got involved, they could get you a little more, but I don't know.

As for buying it back, every state has regulations on who (if anyone) can buy back a vehicle with a salvage title. From skimming through the Texas laws on this (see here), I'm not sure that you do in fact need a salvage vehicle dealer license. See the exemptions at the top of page 4-3. You might want to inquire further about this.
Thanks for the input! I guess I will have to find someone over there that knows what the hell they are talking about then.

Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
^Damn its good to have an attorney on board

I say take the money and RUN!!! Seriously, get your trunk and whatever other mods can be salvaged and move on to the ZCP you've been talking about. You and I both know the problems that car has encountered (mostly not your fault of course), but that amount is more that I ever thought you'd get for your car.
I am really leaning towards the RS4 now. It is certainly a change, but not sure if it is one I will like. Anybody know where I can get a test drive in Houston? Apparently all the dealerships here are fresh out.