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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
Ok here I go.I have experiance in this but it was quite a few years ago in the Firehawk series.We normally had our tires shaved at 4/32 and would get 3+ hours out of the highest loaded tires at most of the tracks that we would go with the tires getting to their quickest just before they started to cord and were totaly bald.For the times that qualifying was an issue because of large grids and people being sent home(Montreal Gp,Toronto Indy),the tires would be shaved to 2/32(minimum by the rules) and heat cycled once and saved for qualifying and would usually be a fair bit quicker than the 4/32 tire worn to 2/32 by use.We tried this on some test days to confirm this.Once we figured this out our tires were shaved to the minimum that we needed for the race length at the particular track.This was on spec tires that had a wear rating of 340 not a R-Compound tire by any means.
Interesting. Your experience is completely in line with the conclusion drawn in the Skip Barber book about the grip freshly shaved street tires will provide on the track at different shaved tread depths based on their testing. There is a question around if somewhat softer compound street tires such as the PS2 fall under that category as well, but they probably do. The info SenorFunkyPants was provided by the Michelin rep kind of suggests that they would.