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Originally Posted by aus View Post

OP, are Michellin's more expensive than other tires in France too?
They are a little more expensive here than the Conti Sport 3s, and in turn more expensive than the same tires in the U.S. The total cost for a set of front PS/2's here (mounted/balanced and with a road hazard/vandal warranty) is around $900 (depending on where the dollar to euro rate is at).

From Tirerack, the same tires shipped to me through APO are around $700. If I then add mounting/balancing here I get close to $800. For the $100.00 difference, I'm probably going to get them here since they won't be subjected to the mail room experience (and a 1-2 week delay) and I can get a good warranty (which it looks like I'll need here after this experience and a nail in a rear tire).

The semi-positive side of this is that I will be able to keep one of the front tires as a back-up, to join the rear one I already have here. So hopefully having them as back-ups will be like taking the umbrella when it looks like it will rain...