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Kudos to TMPS...

I've been a skeptic about TMPS and the like, preferring to check my tires the old fashioned way. But, TPMS saved my front rim today. Family and I were getting ready to go on a short trip, but once I started the car the warning came on about the pressure in the right front tire. Since the car is tucked up tight on the right next to a metal wire separator to the next parking space, I had to reverse it back a bit to see the tire. It was completely flat and the 2-3 inch cut in the sidewall (far from the tread) was pretty obvious. Looks like someone took a scalpel to it, the cut went through the sidewall belts/wire. I'm pretty sure it was done when the car was parked as it could not have held air for even a second with that gash.

Had I driven it even a few minutes on the cobblestone road just outside our place, I'm sure the rim would have suffered some serious damage. And of course, had the cut been less deep and had held air, we might have suffered a bad blow out on the highway. So much to be grateful for...

Now, I've got to replace two front tires and hopefully can find a semi-decent deal here in Paris (Tirerack is the other option, but our State-side mail is running slow these days).

TPMS gets a thumbs up.