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Buying between dealerships

Good-day One and All,

My first venture into this forum.....deep goes!

Having spent years driving various sensible cars for numerous reasons such as kids, dog, kids, holidays touring the UK, kids etc, the kids are finally off hand and the time has come for me to put such sensible things away and buy the car I've been wanting to get for M3 convertible. I've spent untold hours looking through the colours and spec I want as well as deliberating the age old question, buying new or nearly new. Decided for nearly new. Managed to get a test drive in a manual coupe (dealer couldn't source a vert), needless to say, once driven I knew I had made the right choice re car, instant addict! I am finally armed with all the info I need......all accept one snipet of info that I now turn to you guys for, hence the question I now pose.

I have built up a rapore with a nearby dealership, who organised the test drive. I have seen the car in the colour and spec I want, via the BMW website, the only snag is that its in a dealership miles from me. Is there room to haggle with my nearby dealership. Does anyone have any advice/tips/guidance in getting a good price in such circumstances. I know this sounds like I'm a complete novice but I've never spent this sort of money on a car before and want to get a good deal and not walk away feeling like i've just bent over picking up a bar of soap in a prison shower!

Any advice/tips/thoughts/guidance would be most welcomed. Needless to say pics will follow of my new addition

Many thanks.......