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Kudos to LA Tint

I had my car tinted at another tint shop with very poor results near the dot-matrix area on my back window. They wouldn't fix it, statimng that it's normal with the dots.

I was so bugged by the look of it that I decided to called LA Tint in Alexandria and asked them redo the whole thing. They gave me a quote for removal and then applied new tint. It wasn't cheap but I went with it anyway.

When I brought the car over, Christian, the manager looked at it and advised me that he can fix the problem by cutting off just that section and apply black vinyl over. So he just talked me out of a couple hundred bucks job (old tint removal plus new tint) because I reallly didn't needed it. He even offered to do the vinyl at no charge.

Brought my car back the next day and they did it in 20mins while I watched tv in the lobby. I gave the tech a $20 for it the job. The new vinyl looked so much better. They have me as a customer for life there!

Here are some pics.
Top three are the before, and bottom three are the after.
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