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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
but they did give a nice presentation and they are spanish speaking and south america has never hosted a game.. but they already get the world cup so wtf gives.. every city who has had the olympics does better in the long run b/c of it. i could have handeled losing to madrid but not to rio.. it is a crime dump.. it makes chicago's coruption seem like a boat ride in "it's a small world" in Disney world.
First off, Brazilians speak Portugese. And Atlanta just hosted the olympics in '96. They want some variety in venues instead of going to America every 5 times.

Yes, crime is prevalent in Rio. But it seems like you have an opinion on the city based on your friend getting mugged. I have a relative who was mugged in Chicago. Does that make it a crime dump? I think not. I have been to Rio twice and had a great time both times. Never encountered anything crime-related besides being asked if I wanted to buy some pot. But that is normal in most countries I've been to.

Until you can form a sound, logical analysis of something, don't be so quick to pass judgement. It just makes you seem ignorant and unintelligent.