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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
Good thread. I am planning to add SS lines next time I flush the brake fluid, probably next spring for the beginning of the driving season.

On a related note, if SS lines are so much better, why doesn't BMW include them in the stock setup? What are the pros and cons of SS and Rubber lines, besides cost of course?

I am not sure if the SS lines resulted in the improved pedal feel and travel I experienced since I moved to Castrol fluid at the same time. Regardless, they are supposed to flex less, especially when the fluid is hot, and I guess one could argue that they are also less likely to degenerate over time, and therefore, might be safer, but I haven't seen any evidence on that one. About the pedal feel improvement, of course, one can always argue that is just perception since there is no objective test that I've seen with this car on that one either.