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all these people have no clue about the olympics if they are complaining about taxes and so on.. first off corporations would pay for a HUGE chunk.. second has anyone been to an olympic city? seen the awesome structures in munich used for concerts and other sporting events tot his day? has anyone seen the property value's increase in these cities substantially since the olympics were announced there? the average home in the city would have gone up around 10-15% b/c of this.. that is HUGE.. your talking another 30-100k on average in the city pending on the area and type of home.. this is a huge bummer.. peoiple worried about traffic for 2 months at most.. people worried about a 2k bump in taxes? you would gain soooo much more in city beautification and buildings built for the olympics.. the excitement would have been incredible.. a lot more events for the city in the long run.. more concerts more soccer more fun. this is really sad that we lost to a city who has metal shacks behind there beaches in the mountains who come out and steal from tourists and locals alike.. a friend of mine had his gold chain ripped off his neck at a street like michicgan avenue in rio.. rio's crime makes the south side and west side of chicago look like a vacation.. i mean it is really really bad down there.. somebody must of had some dirt on someone in the committee or something b/c this is ludicrous. the crime alone in rio should have shot them down.. but they did give a nice presentation and they are spanish speaking and south america has never hosted a game.. but they already get the world cup so wtf gives.. every city who has had the olympics does better in the long run b/c of it. i could have handeled losing to madrid but not to rio.. it is a crime dump.. it makes chicago's coruption seem like a boat ride in "it's a small world" in Disney world.
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