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Dude, WTF?
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It's just ludicrous what people will offer sometimes. But in this economy, you'll see more and more of that. Most will be just tire kickers.

Get this...a few years back when I was getting rid of my low mileage, fully loaded 02 E46 M3 (listed at $35K OBO in 2006). I had a guy email me to setup an appointment, in his email he said, "I can offer something close to your asking price." Of course, I bit the bait.

We meet, he checks out the car, test drives it, everything seems to be going well...then I ask, "what do you plan to offer?"

His response, verbatim, "$24K Cash, take it or leave it...don't waste my time."

So i'm like "WTF?!" I laughed, hopped in the car, drove off. What a complete waste of MY time.

I ended up selling the car for $32.5K.
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