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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
would you recommend something like that over the Pirelli Winter 240 Scottozero?
Well, the Yokos are all season and the Sottozeros are winter tires. The all seasons will generally give much more traction in the dry, the winters massively more in the snow. Wet & cold will probably be similar. Warm(er) weather will give a massive edge to the all seasons. Extreme cold will favor the winter compound.

It's all about what conditions you'll encounter and how you plan to drive the car. If you get a few weeks of snow per year, then the dedicated winters are the way to go. If - like we do here in the DC area - you get just a few days of snow and perhaps a few more of sleet/slush, high perf all seasons are most likely sufficient.

As far as direct experience with the Yokos, I don't have any. But if you head over at bimmerfest's E9x 3 series forum, (or perhaps over at E90post) there are people running them and they'll give you good real life results. What I've observed (and could be wrong), is that although Yokos used to be very popular with BMW owners at some point in the past, I think they may have fallen slightly out of favor in recent times - certainly the competition is very strong these days.

And although you cannot go badly wrong with any high performance all season, based on what TireRack has to say I'd still go with the Bridgestones. Better yet, call Gary @ TireRack (or whoever sponsors the tire forum) and ask him very specific questions about each tire - then you'll know what to get.