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Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
^ Nice words
I am not jealous either, just find it strange a parent would buy their child a $60K car, well 3. That's all. Enjoy it, but I agree you should try and be as independent as possible. It's not a bad thing. Anyway, enough old talk.

$$$ says I see another post from you by day's end...

EDIT: I guess that won't happen though, cuz I'm out the door for ACL. I'll have to check back on you after the weekend Nawaaz.
Well I'm already hoff'd at the lake house so see you when you get here.

Originally Posted by navfaz View Post
^Yeah, to each his own. But thanks...I am quite determined actually to live the same life ive been given by my parents or even better so being independent is not too far away
I'm glad this has for the most part run its course, but keep that flame suit close by just to be safe
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