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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
Not interested in 265/30, as I think it looks too small for the front...
Well, I think you should seriously reconsider that decision.

The 265/30/19 Neova AD08's run a little bigger than the average 265/30 tire.

The rolling diameter is 25.4" vs. 25.8" stock. Yes it's slightly smaller, but it's guaranteed not to rub. (under any circumstances)

That .4" difference isn't going to dramatically change the ride quality much at all.

I can just about guarantee you that the 255/35/19 AD08's will rub just like your INVO's did.

Unless I'm mistaken, I doubt that you want want a replay of that situation?

Remember, your car is lowered on H&R springs. That reduces your fitment options without some type of rubbing involved. (especially in the front) The larger aftermarket tire and wheel combination, can cause clearance problems that are not easily rectified. You are fighting an uphill battle. It seems that you might be a little too stubborn here.

One other thing...

If are are determined to go with 295/30/19 in the rear, then a 265/30/19 tire makes more sense. (fitment wise) This tire sizing upgrade will help dial out the wicked understeer you would feel, with the 245/35/19 front and 295/30/19 rear setup you are considering now. That will change the balance of the car in a negative way.

Just my .02
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