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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
So 295/30 is probably a better option than 285/35? I checked, I don't think I'll rub with 285/35 even lowered on H&R springs but I'm afraid the tall sidewall and overall diameter may throw off the DSC/MDM
If you're talking about mounting on OEM wheels, what's wrong with the OEM sizes? What is your objective? Largest possible contact patch? If so, I wouldn't recommend upsixing more than one size on the same wheels So, if OEM rear is 265/40/18 or 265/35/19, then go to 275/35/18 or 275/30/19. try to keep the aspect ratio F/R the same to help ensure a front/rear differentiation similar to OEM.

I can't comment for certain about your concerns regarding DSC and MDM, but I think those electronic systems will do what they do, regardless of tire size. Hopefully, there is already a thread about it somewhere, or somebody listening in on this thread knows for sure.
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