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pawarrant, I agree. that's why I ultimately couldn't make the commitment to law school (interested in criminal law). I've always said Cochran was as guilty as OJ. Anyway, I don't give a shit if you're Ted Bundy or the pathetic subject of this're going to be granted a seemingly counterintuitive celebrity status that I would reckon is indeed seductive motivation for certain people to commit certain crimes. As someone mentioned earlier, you're damn straight this sorry ass mofo will get punked out in prison and hence get what's deserved. Still, it's that serial-killer chic that bled itself from the womb in the commercially despicable '80s (Ellis' American Psycho skewers this topic nicely; also, do you remember serial killer trading cards? I'm not kidding: imagine Gacy's pedophilic mug on one side, his murder stats on the other--someone needs to find the producer of these cards and beat him down accordingly). Fuck this thread-subject media monger and fuck the capitolization thereof. I'm so sick of this bullshit that it makes me sick and I have no faith whatsoever that media greed will ever collapse in the face of their ability to slather icing on depravity, because the payoff makes everyone sing or at least fake it until they make it.