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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
"Dear DINAN Rebate customer,

I am a new manager at the fulfillment center processing rebates for DINAN. I would like to apologize for any delays in responding to your e-mails. There have been internal issues at the center and my task is to respond to all the requests and get the rebate checks out to all eligible participants as soon as possible. There were some checks cut that never reached their intended recipients and then there are those whose checks have yet to be cut. I know you have been waiting longer than expected and I hope to get these cleared up in the next several weeks.

I ask that you give me a chance to handle each request and I guarantee that all checks will be sent. I am personally going to follow each of the e-mail requests myself.

I appreciate you patience. If there are issues with your submission I will be contacting you again. If there are no problems then your check will just be sent to the address on the submission form.

Best regards"

No name signed.
Yes, I recently got that email as well. This is clearly progress. Let's hope we get our checks soon.