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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
i agree but i don't think most realize the amount of testing and R&D that goes into making something like the 4.6 stroker whether it is Dinans or RD's

if they sold it for 12k they prob would go out of business in my op

You are assuming that that they sell the same amount of kits at 12k versus 20k. I do understand the amount of R&D but I don't agree with your statement if it came down to pure economics. If it's about exclusivity then that is understood but I bet at 12k they sell 3x the kits making equal or more profit.

Your statement doesn't hold. Example, it cost the price of getting to the moon to build Windows. They sell it at 299.99. It's all about economics of scale.

27k or whatever you want to argue is not the price point for this buyer of this car. This is way dinan lowered it to 22K. Even at that price I doubt they will find buyers. Look at RDSport, half the buyers were 'development' models who can't discuss the price. You can Be guranteed it is alot less then the asking price.